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The effects of testosterone on isolated sheep coronary artery [Anatol J Cardiol]
Anatol J Cardiol. 2011; 11(4): 343-350 | DOI: 10.5152/akd.2011.086  

The effects of testosterone on isolated sheep coronary artery

Engin Yıldırım1, Kevser Erol1
Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Eskişehir-Turkey

Objective: Pediatric patients with different age groups who underwent balloon angioplasty for aortic coarctation were evaluated for recoarctation, aneurysm, peripheral arterial injuries and concomitant diseases. Methods: From January 1994 to 2010, 80 patients with aortic coarctation (native/recoarctation) were evaluated, retrospectively. According to age at angioplasty, patients were divided into three groups: Group A (0-3 months, n=29, 25 male/4 female, average weight 4±1.2 kg), Group B (3-12 months, n=20, 15 male/5 girls, average weight 6.5±1.9 kg) and Group C (> 1year, n= 31, 15 male/16 girls, average weight 22.8±16 kg). The patients were followed with echocardiography and clinical signs. The data of the native and recoarcted patients and also those in three different age groups were analyzed by using Chi-square, Kruskal-Wallis, and Student t tests. Results: Peak systolic pressure gradient was reduced from 42±17 mmHg to 6.2±6 mmHg after balloon angioplasty (p<0.001) [n=80, 56 (70%) native, 24 (30%) recoarctation]. There was no difference between groups for early success. None of them did require immediate surgery. There were ventricular septal defect in 23 (28.7%), bicuspid aorta in 18 (22.5%), patent ductus arteriosus in 11 (13.7%) patients. Two patients had Turner’s syndrome. Mean follow-up period was 74±56 months. While recoarctation developed in 20 (25%), [12 (60%) in Group A, 5 (25%) in Group B and 3 (15%) in group C, incidence was higher in the 0-3 months age group (p=0.018). Femoral artery occlusion and aneurysm were developed in 6 (7.5%) and 4 (5%) patients, respectively, and all of them were under 1-year-old. Conclusion: Balloon angioplasty can be used a method in treatment of native aortic coarctation and postoperative restenosis. Especially, children under 3 months should be monitored closely after the procedure for recoarctation, aneurysms and peripheral artery problems.

Keywords: Testosterone, vasodilatation, endothelium, coronary artery, sheep

Engin Yıldırım, Kevser Erol. The effects of testosterone on isolated sheep coronary artery. Anatol J Cardiol. 2011; 11(4): 343-350

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